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Mackay is a major supplier of a diverse range of engineered rubber and bonded metal/rubber & composite products for the Rail Industry in Australia and overseas. Designing and manufacturing rolling stock bogie components for passenger and freight locomotives: Specialising in OEM & OEM replacement of primary and secondary suspension mounts, cab mounts, raft and engine mounts, bushes, and miscellaneous elastomeric products.


Mackay offers short lead times for development, and production of small manufacturing batch sizes more suitable to Australian fleets. Our technical expertise, customer-responsive service, and commitment to continuous improvement, backed with sustained investment, are critical factors that have built our reputation for reliable, high quality, innovative products.

As a premier rail products supplier Australia, Mackay Australia is backed with a widely established design and manufacturing prowess in engineered rubber products for the Australian rail industry.


We also offer elastomeric rail products, which typically include rail boots, tie pads, and similar rubber extruded products for applications in the rail industry. Our elastomeric rail products are made from a wide variety of high-quality thermoplastic and elastomeric materials that are strong, flexible and lightweight, backed with excellent tensile and shear strength.


We set our standards through the following:


  • Our engineering design facilities have been expanded to include Kinematic Modelling and Fluid Coupled Finite Element Modelling. As such, our design abilities are at the forefront of international design

  • Design and manufacture of critical bogie primary and secondary suspension components as well as engine & transmission raft mounts, and various other resilient elements

  • We offer a complete in-house design and testing service with materials development and production mixing carried out on the one site

  • Our local presence in Australia allows us to be far more responsive in the local market for both initial build and ongoing provision of replacement parts in the future

  • A perfect blend of affordability and quality

  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of rubber products

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