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Image Courtesy of Royal Australian Navy


As a supplier for decades into the Defence sector, Mackay Rubber  has built a reputation as a trusted partner for the development and supply of rubber and composite products in a diverse range of applications for Land, Sea & Weapon Systems.


With a highly experienced team, our products are developed and tested according to rigorous international standards and demands which carry various security classifications including ITAR/EAR compliancy.


Strong partnerships, with organisations such as the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group), have resulted in truly world class products that exhibit significantly improved performance and durability compared to equivalent products in their class.


These products are further enhanced by a mature supply chain and logistics management system, with exceptional through life support capabilities.


The application of our rigorous quality standards through the entire process, ensures the successful delivery of small complex to large volume components; either for original equipment or replacement parts. These parts can be manufactured to exacting standards in our manufacturing plant, with verification by our NATA accredited laboratory.


From design to prototypes, simulated field testing to finished proven products, and a commitment to through life support, we offer a complete service to Defence customers. This service revolves around our mantra of: QCDD - Quality, Cost, Delivery and Design.



Mackay has been actively engaged in the manufacturing, refurbishing and development of armoured vehicle components for many years, most notably are our developments in track systems. This experience has made Mackay one of the leading track system suppliers in the Australasian area.


The rubber formulation used on all track links and pads has been jointly developed with DST Group and has proven its durability and longevity against leading European and US manufactured components.


Our engineers in Technical Services are actively working on new designs for local and overseas armoured vehicles.


Capabilities Include:

  • Single and Dual Pin track links

  • Refurbishment of Track Links and Road Wheels

  • Segmented Rubber Track (SRT).

  • Track Over Wheel (TOW).

  • Track pads.

  • Road wheels.

  • Track shrouds.

  • Ramp and Door Seals.

  • Track tool kits.

  • Rubber flooring mats.

  • Anti-vibration mounts.

  • Engine mounts.

  • Hoses, including high temperature turbo ducts.



We pride ourselves on being the major supplier of rubber components to the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC), supplying in excess of 40 tonne of rubber for each of the Collins Class submarines. Employing unique technology developed in conjunction with DST Group, all Collins Class Submarines incorporate high precision rubber components designed and manufactured by Mackay.


Being a qualified Technical Support Agency (TSA) to ASC, a number of rubber products utilised in the Collins Class Submarine have been developed collaboratively with ASC. This partnership resulted in a range of product improvements and cost effective solutions over the original European source.


Naturally our product offering is not confined to submarines, but extends to surface ships as well, with product such as:

  • Resilient mounts.

  • Superstructure Isolators (Hull Mounts).

  • Anti-vibration platform mounts.

  • Noise isolation pipe clamps.

  • Noise attenuating water mufflers.

  • Sealing membranes and Hatch seals.

  • Rubber hull and control surface fendering.

  • Sewerage sacks.

  • Hand-built rubber products.

  • High specification rubber sheeting.



During 1940, Mackay was the only company in Australia that could bond rubber to metal, and as a result, became heavily involved in the manufacture of aerospace components for the Second World War.


Today, Mackay is still supporting Defence with the supply of composite closures for the MK 25 quad-missile pack which fit into the MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) used on the Evolved Seasparrow Missile (ESSM).


All items are manufactured to strict aerospace standards. The composite materials are assembled in secure clean rooms and monitored through their lifecycle for quality and component traceability.


Mackay supplies these closures direct to the US for integration into the MK 41 VLS for the NATO consortium ESSM project; the consortium consisting of twelve nations.


Since the development of both the closures and the aeronautical skills required for ongoing supply, Mackay has gone on to manufacture a number of internal and external components for both the Nulka decoy and the ESSM missiles; both are part of ship borne anti-missile packages used by

the US and Australian Navies.

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