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Tooling, Material Selection and Design Component

From simple stress calculations, through to vibration analysis or complete fatigue life design, Mackay are leaders in all types of rubber design.  With over a quarter of a century of expertise in finite element analysis, we can find the right solution to your problem whether it’s off the shelf or a completely new design.


Whether it’s raw polymer, chemical additives, standard or exotic metals, Mackay work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality materials are available throughout our manufacturing processes.

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Our team of experienced chemists can provide customised rubber formulations tailored to your application.  After decades of developing products for defence, automotive and industrial applications, Mackay can “fine-tune” rubber compounds for a range of applications to optimise properties such as:


  • Physical properties (eg. Tensile strength, hardness)

  • Environmental resistance (eg. heat, oil/fuel, chemicals, ozone, etc)

  • Vibration damping

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Electrical properties

  • Wear Resistance

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As part of the requirements of our ISO 9001 Quality Systems certification, Mackay performs 100% batch testing on all rubber mixed in our own Mixing facility on site, ensuring we maintain full control of the compound quality used in our products.

All batches are tested using a Rubber Process Analyser, able to test dynamic properties as part of our quality control process, in addition to standard rubber QC tests.

Our laboratory is NATA accredited to AS ISO/IEC 17025:2005  to test the physical properties of rubber for a range of tests.  The list of accredited tests can be found at the following link:

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A tightly controlled Preparation and Adhesion area ensures Mackay are able to successfully bond all types of rubber to many different substrates including all steels, ceramics and plastics.

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With over 85 years of experience, Mackay are experts in all aspects of moulding rubber.  Whether it’s injection, transfer or compression moulded, a couple of millimetres or a couple of metres, we can mould it.  Robust control over tool finishes, cure times and temperatures ensure a perfect result every time.

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Finished part testing ranges from hose burst testing through dynamic vibration testing to 300kN static compression testing.  Initial part testing can include accelerated ageing tests, multi-axis characterization and fatigue testing where appropriate.


From a simple matte black to a flexible rubber based paint, Mackay can finish your part whichever you choose.


Whether it’s an incoming component or a finished part, Mackay’s metrology department can measure it to make sure it’s right.  3D laser scanning is just one of the many tools used here.

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With agile manufacturing based in Melbourne, Mackay can deliver product to the Australian market much faster than the European and American based companies.  Our extensive export history shows we can deliver competitively to all corners of the globe.

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