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Mackay offers a unique opportunity to customers through vertical integration of all aspects of creating and supplying solutions for our customers. From design to delivery of finished product all stags are undertaken in-house.


Our CAE, Nata Accredited Laboratory, compound mixing facility, in-house tool design and variety of rubber manufacturing processes allows Mackay to optimise our customer solutions.


A wide variety of manufacturing processes are employed by Mackay.

  • Compression and compression-transfer moulding up to 1,000 tonne on modern PLC controlled presses.

  • Large platen area presses up to 1,000 tonne and 2440 x 1220 platen area.

  • Injection moulding.

  • Extrusion.

  • Calendaring.

  • Reinforced low pressure hose manufacture with autoclave curing of custom shaped hoses to 63mm

  • Hand-building of specialist bellows and fabric reinforced bladders.

  • Extrusion/hand-fabrication of large door seals.

  • Sponge extrusion and jointing of sponge seals for the packaging industry


Rubber bonding to metals, plastics, ceramics and fibre-composite materials allows development of solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

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