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Mackay Rail’s Platform Gap Fillers, when installed greatly, reduces the risk of passengers falling between the edge of the platform and train entry door when stopped, they also offer wheelchairs entry and exit from passenger trains unassisted.


Different Rail Operators have opted for the different installation of Mackay Rail Platform Gap Fillers, some have selected to fix them to the Platform at nominated sections where the doors open whereas others have mounted them the full length of the platform.


Originally developed to assist the mobility of wheelchairs and as many of these wheelchairs now are electrified the Platform Gap Fillers also must support horizontal as well as vertical loads as the wheelchairs have Electric Motors and Batteries which adds considerable weight to them, Mackay Rail’s Platform Gap Fillers are designed to accommodate such Wheelchairs.


  • Mackay Rail’s Platform Gap Fillers are designed utilising rubber chemically bonded to a mounting plate for secure fixing, the design allows ensures that there is no damage to the rolling stock if accidentally contacts with the trains occur and will easily support Wheelchairs as mentioned above

  • Mackay Rail Platform Gap Fillers are designed and made in Australia by Australian Owned Companies to ensure the utmost in quality and are quality assured

  • Mackay Rail’s Platform Gap Fillers are designed and made for your specific applications and tailored to meet your specific requirements

  • Mackay Rail Platform Gap Fillers meets and exceeds all current requirements in Australia and overseas, they are available in varied colours and styles for your application


The rail mount sleeper or railway sleeper is a rectangular support for railways on rail tracks. Generally laid perpendicular to the rails, the rail mount sleeper effectively transfers the pressing loads to the track ballast and subgrade.


Mackay's rail mount sleeper fixture holds the rails in a stable and firm way while the space between the rails to the correct gauge.

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