Suspension isolators have been designed for use in the building and construction industry. The use of these isolators will give satisfactory isolation of vibration and structural borne noise transmitted in piping and ductwork.


The mountings work equally well when used in heavy pipe installations, air conditioning, ducting, suspended fan units, or acoustical ceilings.


Supplied in two parts, the mountings are easily installed. The frame is fixed to the building structure by bolts, welding, or other suitable means. The rubber flexible element is then installed in the frame and the rod passed through the base of the assembled mount and fastened in position.


Height adjustment can be made to ensure the correct location of the suspended unit if threaded vertical rods are used. The smaller unit (M193) allows for pre-assembly of the hanging rod into the rubber element prior to raising into position. The assembled unit provides a strong, compact failsafe mounting for the suspension of all types of

equipment. The components form an interlocking link, thus preventing failure in the event of destruction or damage to the rubber flexible element.

Mackay Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned private company.


With nearly nine decades of rich experience, Mackay has grown to become a significant manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products.


Our products service the Automotive, Defence, Transport, Rail, Marine, Mining, Construction, and Industrial markets globally.

Mackay's suspension vibration isolation hangers are designed with careful consideration of all vibrational parameters that can come up in typical piping applications it is used in.


We set our standards through the following:


  • The ultimate solution for vibration and noise control in any form of suspended equipment

  • Designed by keeping all HVAC considerations in mind

  • Can withstand support rod misalignment of up to 30 degrees angle without short-circuiting

  • Equipped to prevent failure of the system even if the rubber component is damaged

  • A perfect blend of affordability and quality

  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of rubber products




Used for suspension in air-handling, pipework, or similar applications. An extra rubber element is included to provide a substantial improvement in the isolation of mechanical noise from the system



Traxiflex suspension isolators effectively eliminate noise from piping and suspended equipment.


The typical applications include:

  • Suspension and insulation of single pipe against vibrations

  • Insulation of acoustic false ceilings

  • Suspension of overhead hot air heating ducts.



Sylomer pads are super-effective in avoiding vibrational energies and mechanical noise through a solid material by introducing elastic isolators.


The pieces are made of Sylomer, which is a very effective material to arrest vibrations and sound in mechanical systems courtesy of its inherent elasticity.  transmission of the noise and vibrations. The microcellular structure of Sylomer paves the way for optimal vibration and sound isolation values with negligible deflection.



Spring mounts are crucial components that help to isolate vibrational energy and shock from machinery. These vibration isolators are particularly prevalent in machinery equipped with reciprocating or rotating parts, as any imbalances in the moving parts generate vibrations. 


As the leading spring mounts suppliers Australia has to offer, Mackay Consolidated designs efficient and durable spring mounts of ideal stiffness, backed with compression and extension character that effectively isolate vibrations and shock from the machinery unit.

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