Free-standing spring isolators are isolators equipped with a spring supported by inertia bases and directly connected to the equipment.


Mackay features a base series that consists of small spring isolators for loads up to 100 kg. With natural frequencies down to 6Hz, base mounts provide a transition mount between rubber and steel coil spring types. Select these mounts when frequencies are lower and damping is not specifically an issue.

Mackay Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned private company.


With nearly nine decades of rich experience, Mackay has grown to become a significant manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products.


Our products service the Automotive, Defence, Transport, Rail, Marine, Mining, Construction, and Industrial markets globally.

Mackay includes superior quality of every single component in their free-standing isolators with the ease for super-effective damping characteristics.  


We set our standards through the following:


  • Low natural frequency suitable for low-frequency vibration isolation

  • Cellular Polyurethane base pad for increased noise reduction

  • M12 adjustable stud for leveling of equipment

  • Generally used at 50% deflection at point loads from 34kg to 168kg

  • Provision for the usage of an optional base to provide the greater free-standing ability

  • A perfect blend of affordability and quality

  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of rubber products




Mackay Sure Foot Leveling Isolators are designed for cost-effective machine leveling

for isolator loads up to 6000 kg.


Sure Foot leveling isolators offer an effective and durable method for isolating free-standing equipment and machinery on non-level surfaces. Sure Foot standard range is made with electrolytically plated zinc applied to automotive standards.


For superior corrosion resistance, Mackay recommends the Sure Foot stainless steel

alternative. Made using Nitrile rubber, Sure Foot offers superior chemical and oil

resistance in comparison to natural rubber through its Sure Foot pads. 


This range of isolators offers increased protection to the rubber in applications where this is considered necessary as well as the metal components being galvanised to protect against corrosion.


They are also available with a leveling spindle to allow effortless level adjustment so that the height of machines can be set precisely. The Isolators

can be used without being anchored to the floor by the use of the rubber underlay which is resistant to oil.


It is suggested that before mounting the underlay that the studs are moistened with soapy water. The isolators provide excellent isolation efficiency with equal load capacity in both compression and shear.


They are suitable for applications where restraint in the horizontal position is required but good isolation is needed in the vertical plane.





As the name suggests, the adjustable rubber isolators offer a wide variety of variable isolator setups wherein dimensional values, hardness, and load capacity are the parameters that combine to give extensive adjustability and versatility in operation. 


MINIFIX is mechanical support that is composed of a rubber foot with a grooved anti-slip base and a threaded stud which allows the equipment to be accurately adjusted.


Mackay's MINIFIX is renowned for:


  • Exceptional anti-vibration characteristics

  • High reliability

  • Extremely economical


MINIFIX is produced in two rubber hardnesses and is supplied complete with locking nuts and washers.


The superiority of Mackay's MINIFIX can be attributed to the following reasons:


  • No floor bolting required

  • Controls noise, shock, and vibration

  • Save on installation and relocation

  • Fast, simplified, and precise leveling of all machines

  • Compensates for uneven floors




One of the most simplistic yet effective foot isolators that can provide stable vibrational isolation and support in applications such as small generators, small compressors, and portable equipment.

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