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Mackay is a major global supplier of high performance gaskets for packaging solutions in technically demanding applications.

Quality Materials

Mackay gaskets are predominantly produced from black or white EPDM rubber in an expanded closed cell form. This combination of premium, uniquely blended materials and closed cell configuration results in superior sealing performance with excellent chemical resistance and ageing properties. Mackay gaskets are designed for hazardous material applications, having proven conformance with international standards.

Vulcanised Joints

A key feature of Mackay’s gaskets is the vulcanised joint. Unlike rigid glued joints, vulcanised connections are totally flexible, retaining the properties of the parent material, thereby eliminating a significant potential for leakage.

Design Capability

Mackay is unrivalled in the field of intricate gasket profiles design. Application-specific profilesprovide improved sealing and make fitment easier. Self-securing features can be incorporated intothe profile, eliminating the need for gluing the gasket into the lid.

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