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  • Enter the Compression Load (usually the weight) of the equipment to be isolated

  • Enter the Shear Load (if unknown, enter the weight OR zero depending on whether there is significant shear loading in your application)

  • Select the number of isolators to be used

  • Enter the disturbing frequency to be isolated

Compression Load [kg]

Number of Isolators

Problem Frequency

Problem Frequency [Hz]

Shear Load [kg]

The problem frequency is the vibration of the machine you are trying to isolate.  It is measured in Hertz (Hz). For most industrial motors, it can be calculated by dividing the motor speed in RPM by 60. More information can be found in the Technical Guide at the front of the Mackay Flexible Isolators Catalogue or on our website.


Type of Isolator

The shear deflection of the mount under the given load.This must be less than the maximum shear deflection that mount can take in order for it to be deemed suitable.

Include Thrust



Width [mm]

Length [mm]



For a range of available Mackay products the following results are given in the table:

  1. Suitable Isolators

  2. All Isolators suitable for the given inputs are listed by part number, with dimension details given.

  3. Some performance information is also listed.  See below for more details on Compression, Isolation and Shear.

By clicking the part number you can directly browse the catalogue page showing all specifications.

These results are provided to aid troubleshooting.  They do not need to be used during normal isolator selection.

Part Number
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Compression [mm]
Isolation %
Shear [mm]


The static deflection of the isolators under the given weight.

Deflection %

The static deflection of the isolators as a percentage of their rubber thickness. 
This must be between 5% and 20% for rubber in order for the isolators to be suitable.

Natural Frequency

The natural frequency of oscillation of the system.

Isolation %

The percentage of vibration that the isolators stop from being passed through to the supports.  This must be greater than 70% for the isolators to be suitable.  Note that negative isolation values are not an error- they indicate that the selected isolators are amplifying the vibrations, a common problem when incorrect isolators are chosen.


Mackay Calculator

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All calculations are approximate.

Results should be confirmed against published Mackay datasheets prior to use of selected mounts.

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